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For a kid who didn’t play baseball right after High School, I managed to find my way back into the sport my junior year of college. I ended up making the Club Baseball Team at the University of Oregon, and I helped the Ducks win their first ever National Championship. From there, I got recruited to play ball my Senior year for the local community college in Eugene.

After college I began my international journey, playing two seasons in Western Australia and one season in the Czech Republic. Now I’m getting the chance to coach kids from all around the world, who have desires on elevating their skills towards a professional level!

Where has your baseball career taken you?

Winning a National Club Baseball Championship at the University of Oregon was one of the best baseball feelings within my career. It was my return back to baseball in a little over 2 years, and getting the chance to compete with a great group of guys was truly something special.

Also, winning the batting title in the Czech Republic was a huge accomplishment for me. Going into an environment where very few people spoke English, and finding a way to excel was one of the greatest growing experiences in my life. This demonstrated to me how far hard work can really get you in life.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

Having a Degree in Psychology, I would really like to educate players on the mental side of baseball. Being able to control what you can, and always staying in the present moment. Proving to them the benefits and success that can be achieved if their attitudes are going in the right direction.

Lastly, I want these kids to feel like the game of baseball is the greatest sport to get involved in. Through my positive, up-beat, and motivational personality, I’d love to help educate kids on much more than just the game of baseball, but also the game of life.

How do you want to inspire future players?